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Who Are Wanderbeak Tours Barcelona?
Wanderbeak Tours Barcelona Founders - Marwa and Rowan
Wanderbeak Tours Barcelona Founders - Marwa and Rowan on Uyuni Salt Flats

Wanderbeak was dreamt up by two travel enthusiasts who quit their 9-5 (or mostly 9-9) corporate jobs to travel around the world in search of experience, adventure and to find out what really makes their hearts smile. On the way we discovered that the local food and dishes, taught us more about a culture than we would have ever imagined. With every amazing dish discovered and savoured, we learned that there was always a story behind it – be it personal, national or folkloric. Our passion for food and the stories that went with it, continued to grow as we travelled from one country to another. We decided we wanted to share this passion with the world. We started getting excited about how we could retell these types of stories with like-minded individuals who share a love for travel and food so it was then that the seed for Wanderbeak was planted. The Wanderbeak name comes from ‘wandering’ as we forage and peck along with our ‘beaks’. The logo is of a bird in colours inspired by macaws we saw in the Peruvian Amazon but also are similar to the colours of the Spanish flag. Some of our friends saw the logo as a chili pepper which we thought was quite in keeping with the idea of it all.

And if we were to embark on such a venture, where better to do it than in Barcelona where this adventure all started. We fell in love with this vibrant city for all it has to offer – the sea, the mountains, the architecture, the history, the gastronomy and the quality of life. We want to share our love for this city with you and show you why it trumps any other city we have been to.

What we offer you at Wanderbeak is an experience. An experience where we share stories of; mouthwatering Spanish delicacies, the evolution of buildings, the people and everything in between that makes this city so special.

Come join us and let’s make some stories!

Marwa & Rowan

P.S If you are interested in reading our stories/adventures from around the world, do check out our blog on: http://www.princessnpauper.com


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