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Lisbon is a buzzing gem in the Iberian Peninsula that calls visitors from all over the world. Over the centuries, this capital of a vast overseas empire transformed into a bustling modern metropolis. Lisbon’s distinctive atmosphere is unique in Europe. Here, houses and churches are decorated with colourful azulejo tiles, miraduoros offer breath-taking panorama-views and sky bars, and streets are filled with cobbles stones of different patterns, finer-than-fine pastries and captivating street art. And these are only a sample of what makes Lisbon breath-taking. With a wide choice of activities, fascinating attractions and a welcoming liberal atmosphere, Lisbon is the perfect destination for people looking for a cultural trip, family holiday, relaxed city-break or any celebration.

The proximity of the Atlantic Ocean balances the climate to mild temperatures. Lisbon has hot dry summers, pleasant springs and autumns, and mild, but possibly wet winters, so the city is lovely to visit in most seasons. The river Tagus is an ever-present part of the city’s ambience under the protective eye of Lisbon’s landmark statue of Christ the King and 25 de Abril bridge. Close to Lisbon is a coastline of beautiful sandy beaches so any holiday to Lisbon could also include a few days of relaxing.

If you listen and observe closely, you can almost hear the stories of the saints, the buildings, and the mysteries of this ancient city. After a day of wandering the picturesque cobbled streets, discovering the city aboard the charming vintage yellow trams and enjoying the breath-taking views, Lisbon is ready to pamper you with its seafood-oriented cuisine, strong coffee and delicious custard-filled pastries.


“Our tour was incredible from start to finish with knowledgeable and friendly guides to mouthwatering food and drink parings to go with it!”

Tripadvisor Reviewer Alyshab – Lloydmisnter, Canada

Lisbon Food Culture

Chosen as the ‘foodie hotspot’ of 2019 by National Geographic Traveller UK, the food scene of Lisbon is exciting. The city is filled with traditional taverns serving classic dishes, new-wave Portuguese restaurants offering a twist on the traditional ingredients and plenty of local bars and food markets to grab a quick and tasty bite. You can explore all the local traditions on our Lisbon food tour.

Portugal’s fortunate geographic location allows the country to excel in different specialties from fresh seafood caught just off the coast to gorgeous black pigs, porco preto, who roam freely in the oak forest feeding on acorns that give them their mouth-watering nutty flavour. Although the country has vast access to fresh ingredients, one of the most iconic ingredient of Portuguese cuisine is the dried and salted cod, bacalhau.

Charming little kiosks provide local parks and squares with drinks and snacks, neighborhood pastelarias serve classic sweets, handmade meticulously following the original recipes handed down from monks. Rustic tascas sling classic Portuguese dishes and the city’s diverse immigrant communities cook cuisines from Asia to South America.

Lisbon does not disappoint when it comes to beverages either. Because Portugal’s wine culture developed in relative isolation, there are many grape varieties that do not grow anywhere else in the world. Of those wines, Port, whose grapes grow in the Douro Valley, is the most famous and one of most loved. The hills along the Douro River have been worked by hand into terraced steps since biblical times. It’s so impressive that the entire region was made a UNESCO world heritage site. On a hot day, ask your bartender for a light-bodied local white wine or, nowadays, a trendy Port Tonic.

An essential part of Portuguese culture is coffee. Regularly consumed for pleasure, it is also an excuse to meet friends and socialize. A real Lisboeta’s choice of coffee is an Expresso spelled with an ‘x’.

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sardines and chorizo in a Lisbon tasca
Viewing colourful Trams on a Lisbon food tour with Wanderbeak

Lisbon Food Tours - Lisbonbon

A Premium Food & Wine Tour in the old city of Lisbon

On our Lisbon food tours, you´ll get to see and eat the best Lisbon has to offer.

We start our afternoon exploring Lisbon´s street food scene, from the locally-loved bifana sandwich to the crunchy yet juicy pastel de bacalhau in the Baixa neighbourhood. We then make our way to the trendy Chiado neighbourhood and sit at a traditional tasca where we savor a selection of Portugese and Lisbon classical dishes. Our journey then takes us through the charming lanes to an award-winning bakery where you´ll get to choose from a selection of mouth-watering convent inspired desserts. We round off the experience in a breath-taking venue with a refreshing Port Tonic.

Throughout the experience, you´ll get to hear stories about Lisbon’s rich history, the earthquake that shaped the city of today, and the stories of the food and the culture that ties it all together.

All Inclusive: €99 per person

Our price includes all food and drinks (wine, non-alcoholic) along the walk and Portugese tax.

6 days a week

Our tours operate at 6.00pm* on Monday to Saturday.
*Private tours can be arranged outside these days & times.

* Tours available from 21/03/2020

Sample over 10 dishes from all corners of Portugal

We visit 4 spots where you indulge in over 10 dishes. We cater for most dietary restrictions.

Small groups

We limit our tours to 8 people so its more like a group of friends than a tour

Historic Lisbon

We explore the historic neighborhoods of Baixa and Chiado, as we stop to eat and drink where the locals go

3 hour tour

Actual walking time is around 30 minutes

Meeting Point

Our meeting point is in front of the flower stalls on Praça do Rossio. (Rossio square) Address: Praça Dom Pedro IV 1100-200 Lisboa, Portugal.


“Our tour combined amazingly delicious food, mini-history and cultural lessons, and awesomely curated walking tour of the city.  Originally I had signed up for the food tour to eat good food and drink good wine, but I got so much more.” 

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